The Bitcoin Trading Course for Beginners

Robert Rother: The bitcoin trading course for beginners

If you don’t know Robert Rother from BTC-ECHO, you might have seen him on TV, e.g. on Galileo (Pro7), or held his mirror bestseller „Dragon Years“ in your hand. Besides his eventful past in China, however, he is known for one thing above all: Trading. The trading specialist with a penchant for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is now BitQT making his knowledge available exclusively on the BTC-ACADEMY for every aspiring crypto trader.

More and more investors not only want to buy Bitcoin and Co. on a crypto exchange, but also actively trade them. Although crypto trading is becoming increasingly professionalised and more and more professional players are entering the market, knowledge transfer is not keeping up with this pace. One searches in vain for really comprehensible and practical learning content on how to trade cryptocurrencies professionally.

Getting started trading cryptocurrencies

Robert Rother and BTC-ECHO now want to remedy this knowledge gap and have published a new course on the BTC-ACADEMY that introduces beginners to trading with cryptocurrencies. In short video lessons, professional trader Robert Rother guides you through the basics of crypto trading and shows you how to successfully master the first steps.

Among other things, the course covers the following learning content:

  • Required software and trading platforms
  • Getting started with TradingView
  • Which leverage functions are available and how to use them
  • Smart money vs. dumb money
  • Shortening explained in an understandable way
  • The top-down analysis
  • Rotation and rotation strategies
  • Rejection wicks and rejection wick strategies
  • Break & Hold strategies
  • Recognising and using support and resistance points
  • Recognising volume profiles of the markets
  • Bonus: Wallstreetbets – How shortsqueeze works

Crypto entry with Robert Rother

If you would like to be introduced to crypto trading by Robert Rother, we will give you a 50% discount at the start of the new course. All you need to do is enter the voucher code earlybird50 on the BTC-ACADEMY. Immediately afterwards, the courses will be activated and you can get started.

Robert Rother is a (day)trader, international entrepreneur and consultant. He is known for his Spiegel bestseller „Dragon Years“, in which he describes how he built up a financial empire in China and subsequently survived 7 years and 7 months in Chinese prison. Welt, Bild, n-tv, SWR, NDR, Pro 7, Sat 1 and many more have already reported on his eventful story. However, his new Kryptokompass column is not about his person, but about his profound knowledge regarding the crypto markets.